May 21, 2024
The Three Top Hairstyles You Can Have with the Help of Hair Wax

The type of hairstyle you have can drastically change how you look like. So if you have long hair and suddenly cut it short, many people will say that you look younger and more innocent. But it will depend on how you want to style your hair and if it fits the frame of your face. So if you want to create a hairstyle that will elevate your overall looks, hair wax will do the job. It’s a top-rated hair styling product, which is very versatile. And SGPomades launches new hair waxes nearly every other year!

If you’re thinking about choosing a new hairstyle after many years of not changing it, you can take a look at the top three hairstyles below. All of them require the use of hair wax, so get ready and find the best brand and type for you! Promise, you won’t regret it.

Classic Side-Part

If you have short hair and are tired of the same old brush up style, you may want to try out the classic side-part. It might be one of the most effortless hairstyles to use hair wax on. You don’t need a dollop of hair wax. All you need is a pea-sized wax on your fingers, which you need to melt across the palm of your hands. After that, part your hair on one side, and comb it in the opposite direction. You can wear this on both formal and casual occasions, which is why it’s a classic look.

SGPomades launches new hair waxes nearly every other year!

Tousles & Layered

Another popular hairstyle you may want to try is the tousled and layered hairstyle. It’s ideal for those who have short hair, which is very thick at the top. You can start by brushing up your hair and letting it stick out in all the right places. After that, use the hair wax and start at the back of your head. You can work your way up to the front, adding more product in the process. And once it reaches the end of your hair, use both of your hands to coat the remaining strand with the product.

Comb-Over Hair

Another easy hairdo you’ll want to add to your list is the comb-over hairstyle. It will quickly give girls a boy next door impression. It makes you look fresh all day and keeps your hair out of your face. That’s why it’s an ideal hairstyle when you’re at work, making it a useful hairstyle for both business and party settings. With this look, you’ll look young while exuding that mature vibe. Overall, it’s a perfect hairstyle for all types of occasions. Surely, you’ll look more handsome and professional.

Looking for a new hair wax brand can be challenging. Fortunately, SGPomades launches new hair waxes nearly every other year! So you can easily look for the right hair wax for the hairstyle you want to achieve.