May 26, 2024

What good are outfits if they don’t come with matching accessories? These embellishments may appear insignificant on their own, but when coupled with clothing, they create an ensemble. Add a thick gold chain, a contemporary leather bag, and a truly wonderful pair of heels to a plain white shirt and blue jeans, or scrunchies with hair and a lot more to bring life to the garments that you believe are getting monotonous.  Fashion accessories are becoming increasingly fashionable, so here are some contemporary yet unusual accessories that might help you spruce up that drab ensemble! Listing out some must have’s :

Clay Rings

Chunky clay rings have been all over everyone’s Instagram feed and pinterest recently, possibly inspired by a year of DIY projects. This rings has been worn by several influencers like Gigi Hadid, Emma chamberlain, komal pandey and more and could be well paired with silver nose pin. Well, One can always combine it with fun or funky nail art.


Rommy Revson patented the Scrunchie in 1987. She designed the first Scrunchie prototype as a softer alternative to the metal hair ties popular in the 1980s. earlier scrunchies were looked down upon but now the tables turned, its in mass appeal The scrunchie has been showing up on ramp walk shows, celebrities and influencers. Even long-haired dudes got in on the trend. Aquaman actor Jason Momoa wore a pink scrunchie to the Oscars. What are you waiting for?

The Mask

Admist corona virus pandemic where people got tired of wearing masks or double masks, creative people out there from the corner of the world started a new trend of mask this newbie is very trendy where people can get out of the boring black’s or white’s color, and can focus on different patterns, neon color, or even matching outfit mask. One can always follow this trend and added benefit is you will be safe.

Colourful Layered Jeweller

Thinking what jewellery to wear? For that special night? Or too go out with friends? Why not wear them all and layer it up? Sounds weird yet interesting right, this is a new normal trend, where models at a ramp show were seen wearing silver anklets layered jewellery, which intriguied the influencers so much that they started to do it in their own way.

Tote bags

Do you have any errands to run? Grab a tote bag and match it to your clothing; it’s a must-have accessory for the majority of folks. It can carry anything from groceries to clothes and is now considered a fashion statement. Why not take one with you?

Silk Hair Accessories

You’ve probably spent a lot of time with your hair in a bun or ponytail, right?

But change is necessary, silk hair ties are now quite easy to accessorise and can even add some flair to those low-effort hairstyles. Unlike other headbands, it does not cause headaches.  

Upcycled Hydration Essential:

Are you a proponent of environmental stewardship? Then we’re sure you’d popularised the “high-end water bottle trend.” These water bottle holders, made from repurposed textiles and remnants, exude luxury while addressing the need for both a sustainable lifestyle and hydration. Stop buying plastic bottle from the market when you can style it and use the holders as an accessory.