May 21, 2024

Jewelry making is fun and fulfilling. Your masterpiece can be sold or can be given as a gift. Whatever your purpose is, you should start immediately by considering beaded jewelry. You will be surprised to learn that beaded jewelry can be easy as long as you have the right tools and supplies. It will be to your advantage if you know different types of beads first to buy smartly.

The most common type is a glass seed bead followed by cylinder bead, cut bead, hex bead, drop bead, cube bead, triangle bead, bugle bead, two-holed bead, and many more. Keep in mind that every bead type and shape has its own characteristics. For example, cut beads can add extra sparkle while drop beads can add more texture.

After the types, you can start your beading project. Here are some items that you need to be successful:

Jewelry making tools

You should ensure that you have purchased the right tools. Pliers are a must-have. You have to know that all crafters use pliers for their beaded jewelry projects because of its versatility.
Round nose pliers: this type of plier is helpful in making loops and bending the wire.The interior of a round nose plier is flat, which makes it an ideal choice for creating a flat surface or any compression.
• Wire or side cutters: another type of plier that you need is a wire or side cutter. This will make cutting the stringing materials easy. Keep in mind to have the right tool when cutting the materials because if you use the wrong ones, you could potentially damage the beads. Rule of thumb is the thicker the material you are cutting, the stronger your cutting tool should be.
• Crimping pliers: this type of plier is designed to crimp the beads ensuring that it is securely in place.

Other types of pliers include chain nose, crimping pliers and flat nose. You think that you can buy these things from your local hardware store. In truth, jewelry pliers are not an ordinary pair of pliers. It is finer and smaller. It has also polished and smooth finish inside the nose.
Jewellery making supplies: After securing the right tools, you should secure supplies. Supplies include:

• Beading threads: you should secure beading threads like wire, chain or cord. When choosing, it should depend on the project you want to make. Beading threads come in different colors and sizes.
• Bails: bails will allow you to design pendants from different materials.
• Clasps: this is how you will secure your creation. It comes in different styles and sizes – it is an easy way to finish off your project.
• Connectors: connectors provide many decorative ways to connect the two sides of the jewelry.
• Jump rings: it is used to link the clasps to chains, attach beads to the chain, fasten pendants and other charms, connect earrings to fish hooks and many more.
• Caps: caps can be considered to dress up beads or show a focal piece. It can also attach a jewelry clasp.
• Crimps: crimps are useful in securing the beads in a strand. It can also be used to finish bead strands with a loop.