May 26, 2024
Victoria Barbara

Every new year brings in fresh fashion, and when it comes to style inspirations for Summer 2020, Victoria Barbara, eminent fashion blogger in the USA, is here to help you. She says the major fashion runways across the world have kept functionality and appeal in mind when it comes to summer wear 2020. Designers this year have created some stunning pieces bringing back pieces like bows, polka dots, and the like from the past.  She says that the styles are cool, and they appeal to both casual and formal occasions with success.

Check out what’s in this summer at the official Victoria Barbara website

The Official Victoria Barbara site showcases her line of high end and street style wear. However, at the same time, you can get inspiration to update your wardrobe and step out in style this year. Here are the latest 2020 summer trends you cannot afford to miss this year-

1. Stripes- This trend will send you back to the typical Edwardian summer with a nostalgic twist. The key here is to think soft with lace. They should be teamed up with straw boaters and nautical blazers that have been exclusively made to be worn over romantic dresses made of lace. The trousers in vogue this year are high waisted and in faded fabrics that look good with lace brogues and antique blouses. Choose from soft palettes like lemon, white, and pale blue. Adding raffia accessories, huge baskets for picnic styled bags and espadrilles.

Victoria Barbara2. Leather for 2020- Leather is in this year, and it is a wise fashion investment as you can use it for the whole year. If you are searching for color, buy anything except the color black. Leather trench coats in butter tan look amazingly cool, and you can wear it to work with jeans or pair it up with sneakers for the weekend. Leather skirts are in this season, and you can get one in merlot and team it up with anything in blush pink, olive green, or navy. When you are looking for the right leather bag, choose the baby blue color and pair it up with burgundy or brown.

3. Denim- Denim is a classical favorite this spring, and it has been re-invented in such a way this year that you can wear it to the park and parties with equal elan. The denim- wear this year has ruffle trims, embellishments and is dark washed in nature. You can also go in A-line skirts in dark denim or trouser styled denim for a more polished option. They can be paired with plenty of gold accessories, a tweed jacket by Chanel, and black bow ribbons for the fashionable bonus look.

The Official Victoria Barbara site also has style inspirations for everything you can think of for 2020. She has carefully shortlisted the key trends that are in vogue for you to revamp your wardrobe with the right essentials and a few luxurious splurges.  If you like to grab attention wherever you go, you can visit her page and get inspirational ideas to look super chic and glamorous whenever you hit the road this summer!