May 21, 2024
How To Paint Your Nails Like A Pro

Putting on nail polish for some people is an art. For some, it is an exact science. Whatever the case may be, it is important that whenever nail art is done, it is done properly to get the best- looking results. Fortunately, here are some of the most tried and true methods and tips to paint your nails like a pro! Read on below and find out.

Choose Wisely

The first step is that you have to remember that in this area of cosmetics, you get what you pay for. For the best results choose only the colors that are made using the best ingredients like Pigmentos decoración, which is among the best brands when it comes to nail polish. It is not just the brand that matters but the combination of materials that you would be using like top coat and base coat. These should never be interchanged as they are made with specific formulation intended for the purpose. For instance, the base coat would not have the same glossiness that a top coat will have, and in the same manner, the top coat will not have the desired stickiness to make the paint stick more to the nail surface

Keep Your Nail Polish COLD

A pro tip from the experts says that it is a good idea to keep your nail polish stored in a refrigerator, to make them last longer and preserve the right thickness and consistency. Keeping them out in the open may make them too thick and even alter the color of the product.

Pigmentos decoración

Do’s and Dont’s After Application

It goes without saying not to do the dishes after putting on your nail polish. Do dip your nails right after application into a bowl of cold water to hasten the drying process and Don’t go washing off something using hot water after a nail polishing session. Avoid any activity for at least a couple of hours to make sure that the formula is fully dried and at its maximum strength.

No Shaking The Bottle

Do not shake your nail polish bottle up and down as this is a surefire way for your paint to produce bubbles which will definitely not look good. What you can do instead is to roll the bottle vertically between your palms this will ensure that there will be no air bubbles upon application.

A Tip When Nail Filing

A good idea would be to go and file your newly cut nail in a single direction only instead of sawing the file back and forth. The worst thing that can happen would be splitting and peeling your fingernails as you do the sawing motion.

Final Word

 Although this is by no means a comprehensive list, following even just one or two will work wonders for your nail polishing regimen. Always get that professionally done looking nails with these tips.