May 26, 2024

Dressing up must be a tough task for all you busy ladies out there. And all of you seek for comfort clothes while you are not presenting yourself. What  other than the super comfortable women hoodie and sweatshirts would you want for the chill mood. So to help you collect the best sweatshirts for women available, here is a guide to steer your shopping.

Now let’s explore your options first. For that, you need to know the types of sweatshirts and select the one you like best. Or you could try them all!

  1. Oversized sweatshirts

This style is great if you plan on a casual dress up. You can wear it while hanging out with your friends or when you are being a couch potato. The best bottom pair up would be denims, preferably shorts. You could also put on a pair of tights or jeggings to be more comfortable. Your body shape doesn’t matter at all; oversized sweatshirts will look good on anyone.

  1. Hooded sweatshirts

A super cute type of sweatshirts, hoodies are the major want nowadays. They come in different styles and colours but the thing that matters the most is that little hood hanging at the back. On a serious note, these can be best for the winter season and also if you have oily hair.

  1. Cotton sweatshirts

Playing safe? Well this one’s for you! Summers generally demand a lot of parlour expenditure and maintenance. But if you are too lazy, you can go for these sweatshirt styled cotton top wear. These keep you super cool yet covered. You can go for plain ones and wear them to office too.

  1. Fur lined sweatshirts

Winters demand these sweatshirts. They have a lining fur as the name says which keep you real warm without having to layer up. Depending on the quality, you can do minimal layering in peak winters if you have a couple of fur sweatshirts.

  1. Cropped sweatshirts

If you are shopping for college, this one is a must have. Easy to maintain, super cool to look at, these sweatshirts are a deal breaker. You can pair them with a straight skirt and really cool sneakers. You won’t have to spend time deciding what to wear and pair for the next day.

  1. Off shoulder sweatshirts

Mostly, off shoulder reminds us of party wear tops and stunning dresses. But what if you had an off shoulder sweatshirt. Serving the purpose of classy and comfy, this new style is what all of us have been wanting. You could get a sequined or shimmery one for night parties and a floral or striped or plain bold one for casual wear.

  1. Buttoned sweatshirts

Are you a shirt lover? Well, sweatshirts for women are now available in shirt patterns too. From plain to checked, striped to patterned, you’ve got it all. You can wear them as jackets or simply as a shirt. If you find one with a hoodie, definitely go for it.

  1. Cut sleeve women hoodie

This doesn’t really serve the weather requirements but it is altogether a really cool option. Ripped jeans or shorts are the best pairs and you will be ready to head out with minimal efforts in dressing up. This sweatshirt does it all

  1. Graphic sweatshirts

These sweatshirts are the coolest because they are designed specific to themes, cartoons, series, movies, sports, animals, quotes, books and what not. Pick up your favourite tv show or maybe favourite food and look for a sweatshirt that gives it a shout out. It’s a bet; you will find it.

  1. Colour blocked sweatshirts

Confused with which colour to pick? Why choose when you can have both.  Colour blocked sweatshirts divide the apparel into sections and are filled with two, three or more different colours. You can have all your favourite shades in one single sweatshirt. These are really attractive and will make you stand out, provided you get the colour combinations right.

This was it! Now you have a long list of options and styles for women hoodies and sweatshirts for women you can choose from. Go ahead and give sweatshirts a try. You will love them, we guarantee it