May 26, 2024
What you need to know about extra-long ties

Extra long tiesare extremely useful for men who are above average, since a normal-sized tie may seem too high and detract from the overall impression you are trying to create. They are also useful as substitutes for ties of a normal length, as they tend to be a bit wider, which gives it a more substantial appearance.

Another useful feature of very extra long tiesis that you can use them to tie more complex knots, since the additional length is ideal when a shorter loop of a normal size fails.

Extra long tiesare more useful for people over 6 feet, since finding a suitable tie of the correct length can sometimes be problematic for people of tall stature. Most stores sell ties of a normal length, and can leave more space when used than is generally accepted. The usual distance between the bottom of the tie and the waist is one to two centimeters, and the tip of the tie should ideally match the button on the top of the pants.

Another problem that taller men have is that their cleavage tends to be wider than that of smaller men. This means that not only should they buy shirts with a larger neck size than other men, but they should also take into account the fact that their wider neck will wear more ties. Regular ties of regular lengths are 52 to 56 inches long. Longer ties and those made specifically for taller men tend to have a length of more than 62 inches.

extra long ties

If you need a tie longer than usual, you might think that your options are somewhat limited, since most retailers mostly supply them with regular lengths. This is an example of where the Internet can really help. There are a lot of online providers that especially serve tall men and very long ties. You will also have the opportunity to see many alternative styles and patterns that are probably not available in a regular store on the main street or in a mall.


If you don’t like the idea of ​​buying extra long ties on the Internet, then the best way to find a tie of the right length for your height is to visit a tailor. Tailors can make a draw according to their requirements, and the prices they will take should not be too wasteful.