July 16, 2024

Francesca is a designer jewellery label owned and managed by the two sisters Rachel and Hannah Vasicek. The jewellery offered here is professionally handcrafted from genuine gold and sterling silver. You can find lots of beautiful and eye-striking contemporary designer jewellery of varied styles and designs. Not only that, you can have your designer jewellery professionally designed on order. Opting for the talented and experienced jewelery design specialists at Francesca will benefit you in multiple ways.

Get Quality And Premium Designer Jewellery

Francesca is a reputable designer jewellery brand that was found by Hannah Vasicek in 2011. It has been growing from gradually since then and it’s now of the world’s most reputable and widely known designer jewellery brand. With the help of her sister Rachel, Hannah has since 2014 been designing a variety of jewellery designs ranging from edgy to classic designs.  They aren’t just passionate entrepreneurs but also designer jewellery designers who have won multiple awards including but not limited to the 2015 Tasmanian Telstra Business OF The Year Award.

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Get Stylish And Personalized Handmade Jewellery Pieces

Each of the jewellery pieces offered at Francesca is designed to pass a certain message. They are created professionally and added with a meaningful and personal touch to help you derive full value from its use. Depends on the message you want your jewellery to pass, Hannah and Rachel will craft a high-quality jewellery, style, and colour it so that it meets your special design and style preferences. It will be as well cut to your preferred size and shape so that it feels comfortable while on your neck or wrist.

Affordable And Reliable

Designer jewellery is expensive. It’s the most precious collection you can add in your cabinet so you must pay a good amount to get it. However, this doesn’t mean you should invest everything you have to secure yourself a jewellery piece of your choice. There are so many designer jewellery specialists who are ready to sell you quality jewellery pieces at available rates and Francesca is one of those specialists. They offer a variety of jewellery choices at the most affordable rates in the market. They as well promise to ship your jewellery orders that exceed 50 dollars for free something which gives you surety that you are working with trustworthy jewellery designers.

Get Hygienic And Well-made Jewellery Collections

Many jewellery designers don’t often invest in ensuring their jewellery collections are hygienic. F Francesca makes sure that all the products they have on offer are well-made and clean. Though they dedicate in providing quality and reliable customer support, they don’t accept returns of personalized items like earrings. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t accept returns since they offer you an opportunity to test your jewellery collections for two weeks and return it if it doesn’t meet your preferences.