April 13, 2024

When a friend or family member is sick or feels the weather, it’s always a good idea to give them a bouquet of soon-to-be-healed flowers to please them.

Why do you send flowers?

Everyone loves flowers, and receiving a beautiful bouquet often leads to an instant smile, even on the saddest faces. Flowers evoke happy feelings. It is easy! And this has been scientifically proven.

The research was conducted at Rutgers, New Jersey State University, over a 10-month period that included a behavioral study that linked flowers to life satisfaction. They discovered during their research that flowers are a natural and healthy mood-reducing agent. Not only did the flowers have an immediate effect on the participants’ mood, but the test results also showed that after the subjects received the flowers, nodding also had a positive long-term effect. Participants reported that they felt less anxiety, less anxiety, and less depression when receiving the flowers, which resulted in a higher level of life satisfaction and a sense of pleasure. The flowers also resulted in intimate contact and communication between the florist and the recipient.

Better yet, add a get well hamper singapore that includes things like fruits or a few products for the recipient to pamper themselves with a bubble bath, lotions, and something for your sweet tooth.

When to send flowers

When a friend or family member gets sick, you don’t have to be in the hospital to send “recovery soon” flowers. If they’re sick in bed or even feeling a bit sad, this gesture is sure to make them smile, lift their spirits, and brighten up your home or office.

If the recipient is in the hospital, the flower delivery will show that you are thinking of him during this unfortunate time and that you wish him a speedy recovery. It would also light up his usually gloomy hospital room.

How to order flowers for delivery

If the flowers are delivered to the hospital, make sure you have some details on hand to present to the florists. The florist will need to know the patient’s hospital or nursing home, the patient’s name, and the room number. The contact number of the patient or family member will also be required. Once you have all these details, you can decide when you want your florist to deliver flowers to the patient. It is recommended that your choice of flowers be in a basket, vase, or potted plant, as the hospital does not provide flower containers.

When choosing early flowers, keep in mind that hospital rooms are often very small. Choosing something small and cute will be more appropriate. If the flowers are to be delivered only once the patient returns home, you can grow as much as you like in terms of bouquet size or obstacles.