July 15, 2024
buying diamond proposal rings singapore

There are many variations of the solitaire ring. So you can also find very rare and valuable individual pieces that have been made in filigree handwork. With such a diamond ring you give your chosen ones the feeling of being something very special and valuable. In addition, this gives a personal touch that gives the whole thing even more expression. A tiffany diamond ring singapore is the ideal gift for the bride-to-be because it combines many attributes that relate to partnership and love in an unspeakably simple and yet very elegant, fine way.

The diamond solitaire ring, which is widely used today, was originally developed at the end of the 19th century. This first design quickly became the epitome of the engagement ring and replaced its predecessor, a ring with a sapphire, the blue colour of which embodies loyalty and thus also stands for long-term happiness in love.

The name is derived from the French word solitaire, which means something like a loner. This name was chosen deliberately, as it clearly expresses the property of the ring that it is only adorned by a single gemstone. This gemstone is usually a diamond, which is why the solitaire ring is primarily used or chosen as an engagement ring. This single diamond shows that the betrothed is the groom’s only and everlasting love.

tiffany diamond ring singapore

The appearance of the diamond ring

The solitaire ring, i.e. a gold ring with diamond, made its triumphant advance back then mainly because it possessed a completely new property. The type of setting in which the diamond is held was completely unknown at this point.

The diamond is in a solitaire ring in a setting made with six prongs. This was the trademark of the diamond solitaire ring for a long time. Solitaire rings are now available in many different variations with different settings, with the prong setting, which is also reminiscent of claws in terms of appearance and is therefore also called claw setting, is used in almost all models. The ring itself was named after its inventor, Tiffany Mount, which is why the term Tiffany ring is also used about the solitaire ring.

As engagement rings are very important for everyone in their life, one should select them with utmost love and care. These rings are generally worn daily so many things should be kept in mind before getting one wrong for you and your beloved ones. Most women handle some household chores so it would be better to buy rings keeping that in mind.