July 16, 2024
by getting yourself a cable knit men Aran sweater

Every year, we men are the observers of hundreds of new trends that look good on the runway models, but are almost impossible to wear for someone who works a corporate job. All these crazy color combinations, animal print overalls, and extravagant designs are of no help to the ordinary men who would like to elevate their style during these colder months. But this is exactly why we’re here today: we looked at all the fashion trends for autumn and winter of 2022 and chose the most wearable of them so that any man, regardless of his age or profession, could look stylish this season.


Leather seems to be the hit of the season, whether it comes from animals or it is a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative like the ones that major fashion brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Gucci use. My advice would be to go for natural leather when you’re looking for shoes or bags, since these are the things that you will be using for a long period of time and not only one season. If you’re shopping for leather pants or shirts, it will be much easier and cheaper for you to get faux leather made of alternative materials. One of the popular things of this season is the leather button up, which looks especially good in an all-black outfit, but it can also be used as a jacket when paired with a t-shirt and jeans and left unbuttoned.

Cable knit sweaters and sweater vests

Sweaters are an indispensable element of any autumn and winter wardrobe, but with lots of designs being produced every year, how to understand which one is worth the price? If you want to buy a garment that would be trendy, but would also be classy enough so that you can wear it one, two, or even five years from now on, I recommend paying attention to Aran sweaters. They are made entirely of wool and have distinctive stitches, so by getting yourself a cable knit men Aran sweater, you can easily create both stylish and comfortable looks. Sweater vests are also very popular this season, and although they will definitely not be as long lasting as a trend as the knitted sweater, they would still make a great addition to your autumn outfits.

High-quality shoes

We’ve already mentioned shoes before, but in autumn with all the muddy roads and unexpected rains, they deserve a special paragraph in our article. For September and the sunnier days of October, I’d recommend sticking to the classic white sneakers, but if you have a dress code at work that you need to respect, the Oxford shoes or a pair of black leather sneakers with a white sole can also take a place in your wardrobe. In the second part of autumn, when the weather gets highly unpredictable and you need something that will give you extra comfort and protection while still looking good, the black or brown leather shoes such as Chelsea or chukka boots are sure to be the perfect addition to your closet.