May 26, 2024
bongs available online

The growing cannabis industry slowly enables society to open up to marijuana today. Even though it may be illegal and not ethical, smoking some form of cannabis is persistent in many countries. So, bongs are famous, especially among the youth. A bong has evolved over the years, going from a long straight tube featuring a removable bowl to the new thick glass/ plastic structure in a single piece. So, here is everything newbies need to know about premium bongs available online.

What is a bong?

A bong is a pipe or tube with one end closed for water and a removable bowl close to the bottom. It can be made of plastic, but glass bongs are more popular. One pours water into the bong to cover the stem – another tube extending from the main tube near the closed end of the pipe. Then, one can load the bowl with the dried weed and light it. Water filters the smoke, and the user can inhale using the open end.

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Types of bongs

Cannabis is a booming industry in several countries where novel approaches to enjoying the herb are being undertaken. These include joints, blunts, edibles, thai sticks, oil, wax, and more. But, a bong is an all-time favorite of devotees and newbies alike.

The following types are used to make bongs these days.

  1. Glass – It is a popular option as it has a clean taste. It is transparent and looks classy.
  2. Plastic – It is another popular choice as it is long-lasting. It is also cheaper than the glass one.
  3. Ceramic is heavy and robust but not fit for carrying while traveling.
  4. Bamboo – It has a basic design with an option to make it fancy with varnish, ornaments, metals, etc.
  5. Metal – It is not as common as glass or plastic. But, it is long-lasting and cheap. It can affect the taste a bit, however.
  6. Silicone – It has gained popularity in recent years. It is durable, flexible, and has a few removable parts too.

Tips for choosing a bong

For choosing the right bong, one needs to answer the following.

  1. If they need a thick glass,
  2. Do they need a good-looking or long-lasting item?
  3. Does the one they like look and feel sturdy?
  4. Does the type of bong have removable or movable parts?
  5. Does it have a sufficient volume?
  6. Does it fall under the budget or the amount one can afford to spend?

So, one can make a good choice of premium bongs available online if they find the answer to these questions for themselves.