May 26, 2024
Barber Clippers

Getting into a salon and looking at theĀ barber clippers are not something that surprises you anymore. But now you want to know what kinds of hair clippers are present over there and why each of these hair clippers is used as well. well, this information is rather simple to interpret as well.

Here are the essential and the most visible hair clips you will see in a barber store and where they are used while you are in the store. It is never too bad to know about things that may or may not concern you, just to know the world better after all.

Clutch Clips Long Ones

The long clutch clips are the major ones that are present in the salons and are visible as well. These are used to hold the hair up during different scenarios. One of them is to make sure the hair is all present in one place itself, especially when you have applied hair dye or henna and are waiting for it to dry.

Otherwise, it is also for holding the hair away during facials and massages. These are the ones that are mostly used in a hairdressing salon and are also only rightfully used.

hair trimmer

Smaller Clutch Clips

The smaller clutch clips are to make sure your hair is in different regions themselves. it is for different hair cuts as well as for giving different hairstyles. Especially when you are getting a haircut like a feather cut, layer cut or step cut. In all of these, hair is present in different layers and some of them are in different lengths than the other.

To get the best result, it is better to separate them according to the required lengths of each region. This is very effective for the salonist or the hairdresser during the process as well.

Small Clips

Have you seen those hairstyles where the people have several clips in braids with flowers and other such beautiful things? That is why these small clips are used. these hair clips are used to enhance the hairstyle given or to give different styles for each person.

Especially when it is for curly hair. It is difficult to keep the strands in place for curly hair and therefore during braids, these small clips are used to keep them in place as well as to make it look beautiful.