May 26, 2024
polos shirts for mens hong kong

We all have seen that the shirt we love to wear but no longer can use because of tiny balls that have started to make an appearance all over it. These tiny balls make every fabric worn out. Pilling appears on the surface of clothes when short and broken fibers group together and form clumps in a tiny knot or ball known as a pill. Most pilling is caused by the wear and tear of the fabric. As the cloth is being rubbed, snagged, or stretched it leads fibers to break down or become weak. Over time these broken and weak fiber threads clump together forming pills on the surface of your clothes. Nowadays, there are many options available in the market, you can buy pilling resistance polos from different shops.

What causes pilling on the fabric?

Most pilling results from normal wear and tear of the fabric. After wearing, the cloth is washed by rubbing, snagging, or being pulled or stretched which causes the fabric to break down and leads to the weakening of threads. Over time these weak and broken threads form clump together and resulted in pilling on clothes. Therefore, many stores have a collection of polos shirts for mens hong kong to offer fabric that resists pilling.

What is a polo shirt?

A Polo shirt is among one of the most versatile shirts that a man can wear. It is ideal for summers wear and also resistant to pilling. There are a lot of varieties available in the market all with different colors, materials, and designs.

Types of polo shirts

There are different types of polo shirts are available in the market such as pique, long sleeves, and more.

  • Short sleeve polos: – Short sleeve polos are the most common polo worn by a man. The materials can differ from brand to brand. This type of polo comes in all sorts of colors and patterns.
  • Pique polos: – Pique polo is among the most famous shirts in men’s wardrobes. Pique is a certain type of fabric material that is used to make polos. The pique cotton is durable and has a natural stretch in it.
  • Wool polos: – This type of polos have long sleeves. These polos are comfortable and ideal for the winter season, but they are not as durable as pique polos.

Pilling on clothes can be frustrating and need to be sorted out. The pilling-resistant polos can save your effort and time.