July 15, 2024
Go Trendy with Double-Wall Cups For Your Restaurant's Coffee

Customers want their beverages to be hot and their hands to be chilly. Our bespoke double-walled mugs are the answer! Our double-walled, extra-thick cups are the ideal choice. Of course, it’s been professional to get tagged. Hot cup factory has a supply of custom paper coffee cups with free personalised quotes and free electronic proof and design.

Brand Your Restaurant with Us
Branded cups may help you stand out from the crowd and improve brand recognition. Without breaking the cash, your company may get that kind of recognition. Even the tiniest of enterprises can afford our cups.

Our high-quality mugs have a smooth surface that makes a massive canvas for your brand or design. Your clients will be able to enjoy a tasty coffee or tea in comfort thanks to the added heat protection. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels will love it. It’s also completely recyclable.

Why Should You Use Double-Wall Cups Instead of Single-Wall Cups?
Our Hot Cup Factory offers you both single-wall and double-wall cups with bespoke printing. Single wall cups are fantastic for cold drinks and may also get used for hot beverages. Thus double-wall cups for hot coffee offer a few advantages over single wall cups.

First and foremost, the double-wall protects hands from contact with the hot liquid within the cup. Not needing to buy coffee sleeves can save your restaurant money while also granting you to show your restaurant’s logo more visibly. The absence of a sleeve allows you to highlight your brand with a heftier and front-and-centre logo.

With an additional wall, double wall cups are also more insulated and will retain the coffee’s heat for longer. It’s a win-win situation when you can keep drinks hot while also shielding your hands from the heat.

custom paper coffee cups

Why Should You Use a Hot Cup Factory For Double Wall Cups?
While all producers of custom paper coffee cups printed take-out items may be the same, your purchasing experience and the products you receive might vary drastically depending on who you choose to order from restaurants.

Hot Cup Factory strives to provide a cost-effective alternative for restaurants of all sizes. We take great satisfaction in supplying high-quality personalised take-out at some of the most affordable pricing available.

The Quality Service!
Our cups, likewise made with great care and the best quality materials available. They are not fragile, and they will ensure to store hot beverages, protect consumers’ hands, and promote your restaurant without breaking apart or leaking.

Our staff gets dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are always accessible to answer questions, and we promise your complete pleasure. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your double wall cup order is a success.