May 26, 2024

Do you want to grow roses that will last a lifetime? In this post, we’ll cover a few tips that will make all the difference in the lifespan of your Infinity roses. From choosing the right type of rose to using innovative pruning practices, we’ve compiled all the advice and tricks you need to know.


You’ll learn how to choose your rose type, how often and when to cut off canes, and much more! If you’re tired of replacing your plants every year or two — be sure to take advantage of these helpful tips for long-lasting blooms.


Anything with a sturdy stem should last. You can choose nearly any type of rose — including hybrid tea, floribundas, miniature or miniatures, sepias, and even 40-year-old roses. You want to ensure that you choose the right type for your climate. If you live in a warm environment where roses need to be trimmed regularly to prevent buds from forming, consider hybrid tea or floribundas.


When you prune your rose, you’ll want to prune back the spent canes. Look for thin or spindly canes and cut them back to the base of the plant. Remove any dead or diseased material.

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Another trick is to plant your rose in a sheltered area. Roses will bloom better when they are in areas that receive shade during the hot afternoon hours, so consider planting them under a tree or low-hanging structure like a patio cover. If you don’t have an area with shade, use shade cloth over your garden beds to help protect your roses from harsh sunlight.


Your garden soil should be rich in nutrients and well-draining. Make sure that your soil is rich in well-rotted organic material, like compost, to improve the quality of the soil. Also, be sure that your fruit trees and bushes aren’t going to damage your rose bush by growing too close together — this can damage a rose’s shallow roots.


To remove spent blooms, use a pair of sharp pruning shears or hedge clippers to cut off the blooms just above a bud near the base of the plant. This tip will help you avoid deadheading, which can stress out your plant or attract pests.


As you start to prune and trim your rose, be sure to use good rose pruning shears and be careful when you cut back the canes. Use a sharp pair of pruning shears or hedge trimmers so you don’t damage or bruise your rose bush.


If your roses are struggling, try adding a layer of gravel on top of your soil. This will help increase drainage and reduce the amount of water that runs off the surface of your soil. You should also line the bottom of the pot with pebbles — this is a great way to give roses additional nutrients.