May 26, 2024
Use Eternity Ring

Continuing a relationship to a more serious level is the goal of every couple. Especially if they are adults and want to get married. After feeling it’s time to get married, the next step is to apply. As a man, showing the seriousness in the relationship should be through an action. To apply for the lover would need a beautiful ring. Many people who feel confused when choosing a ring, but many who recommend that the ring eternity is the right ring. An eternity ring is easily available in jewelry stores such as Otomo.

Resize My Eternity Ring

Which Finger Should I Use Eternity Ring?

Many women see the eternity ring as a symbol of the eternal love that a husband has for his wife. That is why this ring eternity many are looking for it. In addition, this ring eternity is a symbol of happiness, wealth, and sustainable health. However, many couples ask about the eternity ring as you can find in Otomo. The question is on which finger eternity ring can be used? Some people think that the eternity ring is a revolution of the wedding band and therefore better because it is worn on the ring finger or third finger in the left hand. However, some people also argue that the eternity ring can be used on any finger in the left hand. This is because people in this modern age prefer to wear a ring with all their favorite fingers.

How If My Eternity Ring Too Small? How Can I Resize My Eternity Ring?

As time passes, the body changes, and so does the hand. If you like to eat healthy foods, then you will be healthy and have a body that is slightly more contained than before. What if it affects your ring? Surely you have to resize your ring so you will feel comfortable to reuse it. Then, what should you do if your ring is too small? You can ask for jeweler services to make it have a bigger hole. A jeweler will do two things:

  • Adding metal to the band: A jeweler will add a metal that aims to enlarge the band. The jeweler will separate the two sides of the ring and add the bridge by means of soldering metal that has been prepared.
  • Stretch the ring: A jeweler will be stretched by using a special tool. In this method, the stretch consists of stretching the calf by pulling it apart and separating it. In this process need carefulness so as not to damage the ring. A little mistake alone will result in your rings being damaged.