May 26, 2024
redtail welding helmets

When it comes to welding concerns, the welder’s helmet acts as a shadow and perhaps functions as a significant tool. The helmet indeed works as the welder’s extension, particularly because it has to be put on while the person is at work. This is why it is significant for the helmet to be comfortable when used. Come to think it only has to come off after the work is done. You might think that it’s quite easy to choose any welder’s helmet like Redtail welding helmets, but you might be surprised of its every type and the corresponding features affect the entire welding process.

Passive Welding Helmets

These are the most basic helmets available for everyone. This type of helmet is not the modern helmet that comes encumbered with all the fancy features. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not effective and efficient. It is a finely crafted helmet with a tough material. This is a type of helmet that shields the welder from flying debris or objects, extreme heat created by the process, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Its major advantage is its affordability. This is a great deal for a welder who has a tight budget and only wants a simple helmet.

Battery-Powered Helmets

This type of helmet has a rechargeable or replaceable battery, which usually runs on a lithium-ion battery. The battery-powered helmet is more convenient than the solar-powered helmet although it may cost slightly higher than the solar-powered ones. However, with this helmet, you have peace of mind, knowing that you have a helmet you can depend on when a project requires it.

redtail welding helmets

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

With a passive helmet, you have to adjust the lenses consistently. This problem is not found in a helmet with automated lenses like one of the Redtail welding helmets. While welding, the auto-darkening helmet detects the light and adjusts the lenses. This feature lessens the distraction of having to adjust the lenses during the welding process, improving the rate of production. The downside to this is its higher cost.

Variable-Shades Lens Welding Helmets

This type of welding helmet allows the lenses to adapt to all types of lights and brightness that are given off by the arc while in the process. This is most preferred by welders who work on various complex projects that involve different materials. The variable-shades lens helmet adjusts the lens’ darkness, providing more visibility for the welder tenfold. Remember that when there is too much brightness, it might be hard for you to work on your welding project.