May 26, 2024

The oily skin has the particularity of producing abundant sebum. This excess secretion gives an oily and brilliant effect while creating an environment conducive to pimples and blackheads. Having oily skin is not a problem every day, once you have learned how to take care of it.

The choice of care to be applied should be done carefully so as not to aggravate an already unstable skin balance. Following a skin-specific routine reduces the negative effects of excess sebum and improves the general condition of the epidermis.

Discover our advice to learn more about the care to adopt and the essential gestures.

Treat a greasy skin daily

Once you have determined the nature of your skin, it will be easier for you to know which products to use and in what order.

Oily skin is capricious and therefore requires special attention. Whether in the option of care goods or their request, the ritual will not be the same as for dry skin or mixed. is one of the websites for skin care

Learn more about choosing care and using it to take care of your oily skin.

Effective products for oily skin

  • Regarding the cleanser of your skin, choose a gel or a light foam, which will not attack your skin. Be alert that this purifier does not attack the skin otherwise, it will tend to reproduce excess sebum to recreate the balance.
  • The floral waters are also a great way to clean oily skin because it helps cleanse the face. Some oils can also be used as a cleanser such as a jojoba oil which has the distinction of not being greasy.
  • Finally, if you want to clean your skin with soap, be careful that it is alcohol-free and soap-free to avoid attacking your skin. Opt instead for a foaming cleanser type.
  • The products rich in zinc are particularly effective on oily skin. Indeed, they have the characteristic of limiting the production of sebum and thus rebalance the skin.
  • Regarding the hydration of your skin, it will be necessary to choose a gel or a light cream so as not to clog your pores. Also, choose a mortifying day cream to reduce the effects of sebum.
  • Regarding scrubs, opt for a scrub composed of small grains and formulated especially for oily skin. Finally, the use of beauty masks has already proved its Choose a green clay or charcoal compound that has the ability to absorb excess sebum and purify and cleanse the skin.