July 15, 2024

Are you one of those people who wish they did not have to drive or walk to the gym to use the facilities you may not have at home? You love that treadmill, it is always calling to you and you find yourself at the gym. Only you find all the treadmills are occupied and you have to settle for a machine that you do not enjoy using. People are today adopting a heathier lifestyle; they eat right and ensure they get the right exercise. Gyms are no longer a place to relax, especially those that cannot cater for the high demand of treadmills. You need not worry. Having the Metrax JK1603E at your home will give you the chance to exercise whenever you want without having to worry about anyone waiting to use the treadmill.


Properties of the METRAX JK1603E that make it the ideal treadmill for you

  • This treadmill is ideal for homes as it is foldable and therefore occupies very little space. Its measurements are25 x 25 x 51 inches (63.5 x 63.5 x 129.5 cm) when folded.
  • It also comes with motor wheels which come in handy if the user needs to move it around. Its light weight of 70 pounds (31.7kg) makes it possible to move without straining yourself. It is however paramount to play is safe while moving it; you do not want to strain yourself or damage the treadmill while at it.
  • The motor of this treadmill is quiet. It therefore does not bother others using the same room when one is exercising.
  • The running deck is well cushioned to protect your joints when walking or running. It is therefore addresses your safety concerns.
  • This treadmill is equipped with a 500W Motor that is efficient for walking or slow jogging of light people. This motor can be plugged on a wall socket without special power requirements. Knowing you only need to purchase this treadmill, plug it in and exercise without any other purchases is pretty attractive.
  • 1km/hr -10km/hr is the speed limit. This means this treadmill is ideal for brisk walking. Brisk walking can be a very effective form of exercise.

For a treadmill this size, the price is just right. If you are looking for a pocket friendly treadmill that will easily find space in your home, then the METRAX JK1603E is the one for you. You will not regrate this purchase.