July 16, 2024
Baby Needs

Who is Petittippi?

Welcome to the store of Petittippi that is leading baby cloth diapers and swim accessories supplier in Hong Kong. Made with premium quality all the cloth diapers and swim diapers are eco-friendly that are handpicked from the organic brands that are internationally recognized to make your baby feel comfortable and fun-loving wearing them with cutest prints and swim in style all at affordable price. This store stands to be a one-stop solution for any newborn to toddler with its wide range of baby accessories for any occasion for every baby. Please have a look at their entire range of cloth diapers collections on https://www.petittippi.com/collections/cloth-diapers and swimwear range on https://www.petittippi.com/collections/swim-diapers-suits-accessories toorder for your baby that is just one click away.

Why choose Petittippi store baby products?

Petittippi entire ranges of baby products aremade of premium qualities that are eco-friendly free from any chemicals.Being handpicked from top international brands,they are organic and make your baby feels comfortable as their diapers offer youthe biodegradable disposable option to wear them all through the day and night. Whereas their swimwear collection also comprises of a vast variety of premium brands that are perfect to wear regardless any season when you are involved in any activity or event such as traveling abroad or swimming in your local beach or side by the pool to carry them wet in your bags as they offer healthier disposable options for your family.

Baby Needs

Get ready to dress your baby in superbly designed cloth diapers that are perfect to wear on any occasion and fit right to your baby body and size to help her wear all day longas they are reusable and attract your baby with vibrant and fun-loving prints. Choose your baby cloth diapers from the brands of Charlie’s Banana cloth diapers to GroVia’s disposable diapers to store in all-purpose zipper bags from AppleCheeks at an affordable price at the first choice of Hong Kong people.

You can buy swimwear for your boy and girl from the same store as they offer seamless fit and ultra comfort which are now available with a rash guard that protects your child skin with ultraviolet sun radiation from AppleCheeks. Let your little one be called as Fashionista wearing them on vacations with plenty of frills, Folpetto chic designed and rash guard swimwear with front zip available in vivacious colors and prints to keep your little one playing happily.

Hence it is advisable for the  Hong Kong people to place an order to get your baby cloth and swim diapers from Petittippi.That sells a complete range of newborn to toddler clothing wear made of premium quality eco-friendly material that is handpicked from top international brands and easy to pack and carry to any destination as they are biodegradable disposable diapers which are easy to wash and ready to use at any time of the event.


Welcome to the world of Petittippi baby store to buy the complete range of your baby diapers to fill in your wardrobe. Be it a cloth diaper or a swim diaper accessorythey offer you wide range of designs that are sure to compliment your baby and make her feel comfortable to wear as they are easy to wash and carry wet in your travel bags. Visit this website to place your order and receive their free shipping on a purchase of over $500, T&C apply.