May 21, 2024

Bags or backpacks are those essentials which can be considered as a luxury & necessity at the same time. This article in detail, will explain why backpacks are a go-to for almost every occasion if you’re stepping out of your home.

1. College/Office : Gone are the days when office goers used to carry a briefcase. It feels like the 70s  if a person is carrying a square shaped plastic bag. Almost feels like he is smuggling something in, as our childhood is filled with memories of the movies where such bags were used to either smuggle gold or a bunch of money. Nowadays, be it a college student or an IT software professional, he can carry a marvel backpack& no one will bat an eye. We just get up in the morning, get ready & as a regular practice wear our bags & drift off to our regular schedules. From our office laptops to our college books that compartment is always needed to store our stationary

2. Trekking/Hiking: The most utility of any backpack is during strenuous hikes or a day long or even for a night stay. A temporary bag with our minimal essentials including a compartment for a water bottle is all we need to leave for a trekking trip. It takes care of the maggi packs & the biscuits needed after a long hike up the mountain top & enjoying fresh air with some basic cooking. The most important utility of these backpacks are the compartment for storing our meds & first aids during such treks.


3. City travel: Public transports in India can be rough. Trains are jam packed & buses are the most uncomfortable on indian roads. What we need is flexibility here. We need our bags to be compressed when needed or put it in our laps to take care of our belongings. We need them for storing our tickets & our IDs & our wallets as well to safeguard them from theft & pickpockets. Gone are the days when wallets used to be in our pants. We’ve grown smarter & the best way to judge that every man has their wallets in their bags just like all women carry theirs in their purses.

4. Hanging out with friends: We all know that we don’t go to our friends’ houses empty handed. It’s either a joystick for playing video games or at least our essentials like wallets. Many times we take the bags out empty as we know that we might not come back home empty handed. Going to the malls or shopping nowadays need a bag & we don’t want to use those plastic ones to pollute the environment more. That’s the best utility a bag has – it’s reusable

5. Running errands: If asked by your parents for going to get some groceries or from getting some parcels for a late sunday lunch, bags to come in handy. For all the bachelors staying with their room-mates, the regular backpack is an essential for literally anything to be brought from outside.

These were some of the most important utilities while going out of your houses & the why we need them. For the lockdown, we’re asked to stay home but the utility of the bag still triumphs as it acts as a storage compartment for all our belongings which otherwise would have been laying on the floor. Keep your valuables safe & be safe at your homes.