June 18, 2024
How Is Choosing A Premium Queen Bed Singapore Online Beneficial To You?

If you have been in the market for mattresses lately, you’ve probably heard the term “memory foam.” Mattresses can be found in many different styles, using many different materials, and memory foam has become one of the most popular.

It was first designed during the ’60s for use in NASA spaceship seats and seat belts; shock-absorbing, pressure-relieving memory foam has also been used as cushioning in helmets and shoes, prosthetics, and wheelchair seating pads. However, until the 90s, when Fagerdella World Foams released their flagship TempurPedic Swedish mattress, that memory foam was introduced as a mattress material. Since then, this type of foam mattress has exploded onto the market.

The main constituent of memory foam mattress Singapore is a polymer. It is a type of substance with large molecules consisting of many small, similar subunits bonded together called polyurethane. Polyurethane is known for its incredible common and versatile plastic polymer that is used to produce a wide range of materials and products, including furniture like sofas and mattresses, but also products like insulation, liquid paints and primers, spray foam, elastic fibers, car parts, and even tough elastomers like rollerblade wheels and many more.

memory foam mattress singapore

How to choose the best memory foam mattress in Singapore?

Memory foam is also known for its “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam or low-resistance polyurethane foam. It is produced by adding various compounds and additives to polyurethane, which change depending on the type of foam created. Hence, there is a wide range of mattresses to choose from. The types of memory foam mattress Singapore are mentioned below, as it may help one to find what suits them best:-

  • The open cell memory foam mattress:- Open-cell foam mattress can be found with the same components as the traditional memory foam but with a different internal structure. Open-cell foam mattresses have internal pockets (or “open cells”) that allow for ventilation and airflow throughout the mattress, which helps disperse heat.
  • The original memory foam mattress:- The traditional is the original memory foam. It is said to be the first memory foam to enter the market for consumer use. A traditional memory mattress is engineered to mold your body and is constructed the way we have outlined above. One issue that can be found among traditional memory foam is that it tends to retain heat, which can cause the sleeping surface of mattresses using that foam to become uncomfortably warm. The two more types of memory foam were created in part to address that issue.