May 26, 2024

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A part of definite benefits resided with braid hairstyles, there will be drawbacks as well. Based on proper braiding of your hair, the hair growth and damage problem may arise. If you do not style your hair with proper braiding style, it leads to hair fall sometimes. So regular hair styles in terms of braiding are especially preferred by all women and some chooses cornrows in case of occasions. The wearing of these braid hair styles is currently recommended according to reviews in terms of less maintenance issues. Hence feed in braids hairstyles are engaged with numerous benefits especially among the teen girls today.

The key benefit of wearing these braiding styles is it consumes less time to style your hair; it saves energy on daily basis. The duration of these braiding hair styles occupies a period of four to 8 weeks approximately. Based on installation, caring aspects and the type of hair style, the durability is defined clearly. This influences the positive side of wearing these feed in braids hairstyles especially curly hair type women.

Braid removal:

The absence of proper care while styling your hair braids then you are supposed to avoid these styling immediately. Otherwise it results in losing your hair follicles gradually. According to reports, women are recommended to stop wearing these styles for more than 8 weeks without any proper care taken.

Let’s see the process for removing:

  • Before going to remove your extensions ensure that cut keenly your hair which is installed with braids for half inch. When you handle your hair roughly, then it easily incurred with huge hair loss. If your installed braid hair with your real hair got separated, you have to make sure that any dirt, clump or lent that are mixed together which is resided along your hair shaft. Use some oil or conditioner to make loose and free your hair mat. Actually removing of braids will be possible by washing, applying conditioner or oil is preferable. Use a rat tail comb to remove braids consistently while washing. Repeat the process completely till your braids are removed. Finally deep washing, applying conditioner and combing your hair with a fine toothed comb on your detangled head of hair. If required, you can apply hair conditioner to smoothen accordingly.
  • So, try to use hair nurturing product during braid extensions is mandatory. Women are more fascinated towards installing braids for attractive purpose along with time saving purposes. If it is installed in proper way and its care is in proper way, then you can maintain this hairstyling for more number of weeks considerably. Otherwise while in the process of removal, then you may encounter hair damage easily without any extra care is taken.


For any kind of hair styling, it requires proper care. Otherwise every woman might experience severe hair loss. Braiding is better when you love to maintain in proper way otherwise hair experts are recommended to stop it as it incurs in hair losses sometimes.