May 26, 2024

Each tattoo will go through stages of the healing process. It is important for you to know each of these stages to have a full understanding of how to properly care for your tattoo to aid faster healing. The healing process consist of three different stages. When you have a tattoo, knowing what to expect is important.

Like your regular wounds, tattoo skin should be protected from harmful outside bacteria in order for it to regenerate back into its full health. In addition to that, you should also know the best tattoo aftercare products that you can use while your tattoo is healing.

Primitive Outpost – The Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Primitive Outpost was created because of the owners’ love for natural products. Their life lessons taught them that there is power and truth when it comes to “natural” ingredients. Realization stepped in and they learned that every product that they are using daily has its natural counterpart. This is when Primitive Outpost was created.

The company produces handmade and natural products that you can trust. There are no synthetic ingredients, not even toxic chemicals. They use natural waxes, oils, clays, and also butters to make their products. They have different products for grooming like shaving essentials, deodorants, body wash, cologne and perfumes, and also tattoo aftercare products.

The Tattoo Healing Process

As mentioned above, tattoo healing goes through 3 important stages. It is a must that you understand what happens to your tattoo and your skin on each stage to determine the proper way to care for it to promote faster healing.

Stage One (Day 1 to 6). These days will still be very painful. The area will swell and redden. But it will get better gradually each day. Scabbing will start to appear. After the bandage is off, cleaning it with an antibacterial tattoo wash is important.

  • INK’D Soap (Tattoo Cleaning). This is made from natural ingredients with Calendula and Arnica Oils, which are both known for their healing properties. It also has antibacterial properties that can help heal the skin quickly.

Stage Two (Day 7 to 14). This is when itching and flaking will start. This will continue for another week until all of the layers of the dead skin and the scabbing will fall off ON ITS OWN. At this stage, it is important that you keep the area lubricated but not saturated.

  • INK’d Tattoo Balm. This balm does not have petroleum or harsh chemicals on its ingredients. This is also an aftercare and a barrier product in one. It can help moisturize, protect, reduce any itching and discomfort, and it will also speed up the healing process of your tattoo.

Stage Three (Day 15 to 30). By this time, your tattoo will look almost fully healed! It may still look cloudy but don’t worry, it’s just that the deep layers of your skin are still repairing. Just continue to care for your tattoo.

  • INK’D Tattoo Oil. This tattoo oil can help your tattoos look great as it helps quicken the healing process. This is a mix of oils that can give your skin everything that it needs. It is also fragrance-free, perfect for sensitive skin.

When it comes to tattoo aftercare tattoo care, there may be plenty of options to choose from, but if you are looking for best tattoo aftercare products made of natural ingredients, Primitive Outpost Tattoo Aftercare is the best choice for you.