May 26, 2024

If you are a great fan of outdoors, you’ll understand how important it is for your kids too. Spending time in fresh air, under the sun is not only good but essential for everyone.

But sometimes your kids may be reluctant to come outside with you or even to go outside on their own. And once they start giving an excuse that they are not in a mood, they may develop the habit.

If you want your kids to go out regularly, you can use certain tricks and you won’t ever have to worry about whether they would become couch potatoes.

1. Make it Compulsory

Often in many families spending time out together happens once in a while and only if everyone has time and mood. This should not be the case.

Ask yourself if you (and your kids) make an excuse for watching TV or playing video games. You will get the answer “no”. No one will ever say that he is not in a mood today or has no time to watch a certain TV show.

Then, why should going outside be optional? Develop a conscious habit of spending time out with your kids since their childhood.

Take help of the excellent outdoor toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop if required. Kids can hardly resist the temptation of playing with them.

Once they realise that going out is a part of the routine just like having meals, doing homework or taking sleep, they won’t even think of saying “no” to going out.

2. Equip Them with Right Gear

You may buy rain boots for your toddler which are great for winter along with socks. But they won’t work in warmer weather.

For summers, you’ll have to buy shoes that your kid can easily wear and take off and look cute too. You can even get shoes with anti-stink soles, memory foam and bottoms that shed dirt easily!

3. Use Sunscreen

Just like the right shoes, right sunscreen i.e. at least 50 SPF is also a must for the kids. You may even make them wear hats but kids are not often good at keeping them in place. So, better choice is to apply a generous amount of a good sunscreen.

4. Choose Right Time of the Day

If you live in a hot region, it’s better to avoid going out midday except for a swim. For a hot climate, choose early morning or late afternoon for going out.

5. Remove Hurdles

Regularly do a survey of your backyard and remove any problematic objects like ant beds, potential refuges for snakes or places where there are pieces of old, abandoned projects lying like broken wooden pieces or tiles, planks with nails etc.

It’s impossible to make the area totally problem-free. But at least you can get rid of obstacles that can easily give rise to any damage.

Instructing your children about potential dangers is also a good idea so that they can learn to take care of themselves which will help them even in the future.

6. Toys are Must

If you buy outdoor toys for boys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, your kids will love to play outside for hours. Toys will keep them amused and engaged.

Besides playthings, you can also provide them toy appliances like shovels, wheelbarrows, trucks and other gardening tools to play, so that they may get interested in gardening and will want to spend most of their time in the yard.

You can even take their help in your gardening work and they will love that. Especially if they are given the job of watering plants, they would love it because kids love to play with water.

You can use your creativity for how to make your children play outside in the fresh air and get sun. And they will turn out to be healthy and will make you feel proud.