May 21, 2024

Let us start the game right now. Before that, did you prepare the table? This is just a normal table like a dinner table or whatever type of table as long as it accommodates the cups – materials for the game. Introducing, the fun game that ever played by many players today. It has been a fun game sport for people around the world. Beer pong ( known as the Beirut) – is a game with 2-person involved. Each of the players uses 6-cups and a ping-pong ball. The game materials are all set on a dinner table. From the name of the game Beer Pong, a beer is actually involved in the game. But, for those players that are practicing on the game, they use energy drinks or water instead of beer. They use it as a replacement for the beer material to perfect throwing or serve. How to play Beer Pong? This is the first question of a player when hearing about the game. If you are interested in the game, then you should spend more time here.

Let us start the exciting game   

Generally, the game sounds easy and simple. But there are some tips and rules that need to follow to remember while playing the game. Here are the materials needed for the game:

  • 6-10 cups
  • A table
  • A ping-pong ball

Now, start to set up the 6-10 cups on the table. The cups must form a triangle-shape. Then, fill up the cups with a possible amount of beer. Please be aware that whatever the amount of beer you filled in the cups will be the amount of beer you will be drinking. Also, make sure that you have a beer – this must be ready for refilling the cups. The thing of the game is bouncing or throwing the ping-pong ball into a cup. You must be on the beer table, at the opposite side. Once the normal shot has done successfully, then the opposing team drinks from that cup. Once a bounce shot is successfully made, then the opposing team drinks that cup + another cup. Non, if the non-shooting team tries to knock away the ball from the cups, but once it only bounced off a cup. Each team has the chance to turn shooting until it ends the game. The game only ends after all the cups get empty. The winner will be the team who forces the opposing team to drink all the beer. 

A good game for parties     

Now, if you are out of an idea as to what will be an exciting game to complete the program of a party, then it will be Beer Pong. This has been played by many parties and events, especially at a birthday party. This is actually an exciting game to be recognized by beer lovers. Why not make a twist on your drinking time? If you spend the time with your friends and families drinking beer, then you can insert this exciting game as well.