May 26, 2024

Whether it is hot or cold, there is one thing that never gets old – hats. Hats are head coverings commonly worn for protection against weather conditions. Its versatility goes beyond this because hats are also used as a fashion accessory, as a form of safety precaution, and ceremonial representation. In the past, it was even an indicator of social status.

Hats can be confusing because it has many styles that evolved over time. To be able to identify hat styles is a good thing. Here are the most common Hat styles that you can consider for your collection:

Baseball cap

You have to know that baseball cap is an American tradition but you can see its proliferation around the world. Men mostly wear this hat because it is casual and simple not to mention easy to wear. It can be your grab-and-go hat.

Trucker cap

The trucker cap is similar to baseball cap but the difference is the mesh panels with snapback adjustment.


Beanie refers to a knitted hat that is made from cotton or wool. It provides warmth to your head during winter. It is a close-fitting cap.

Big brim hat

As the name implies, this hat boasts of big brims. This is a must-have pool item for women.

Skimmer hat

If women have their big brims for pool parties, men have this skimmer hats. Skimmer hats are medium sized brim typically worn by men for summer events.

Bowler hat

Bowler is another famous hat. In fact, it is the icon of style from the 1800s to 1990s. You see this hats often in movies. It is a hard felt hat with a short brim.

Fascinator hat

When you look closely, a fascinator is a headband style hat. It made a comeback because of the royal wedding.

Fedora hat

All people know what fedora hat is. It is a classic and versatile headwear. You can see celebrities wearing it thereby adding to its appeal. It has mid-sized brim with an upturn in the back.

Porkpie hat

This stylish hat rose to popularity because of the show Breaking Bad. It is the trademark look of the main character Walter White. It has crown flat-topped shape with oval indention.

Race hat

Race hats are big hats known for its exquisite style. Women typically wear it on the opening day of a horse race.

Top hat
Top hot is an iconic hat style. The hat is characterised by a large crown with short to the medium brim.

Steam punk hats

Imagine seeing this hat in Victorian time. It is characterised by older hat styles like the top hat with different brass ornaments attached to it.


Tam is a relatively new hat style usually worn by women and those with dreadlocks. The base of this hat is loose fitting and is worn off the back of the head.

Visor hat

Visor hat is known for its simplicity. It is basically a hat without a crown. You still risk exposing part of your head but many people consider this for its packing ability.

Cowboy hat

Like the baseball cap, the cowboy hat is an American icon. Cowboy hats have wide brims that are often turned up at the sides.