July 16, 2024

With New Year around the corner, a lot of shopping is needed. Do not plan for the usual shopping places that you visit year in year out. It’s time to think out of the box and change venue by visiting different places in the world and do you shopping and a lot more. In the world today there are many places that can suit your shopping needs. The most popular shopping destination in the world that you can visit this New Year includes:


For a new shopping experience therapy and new sight, then Dubai is one place to be. It will offer to you a wealthy and remarkable experience. Once you get to the Emirates Mall you will shop for special gift, marvelous architecture and sculpture. May be you have been searching for a gift to give one of your friends dear to you then, here you desired will be highly satisfied. Also you get to be in the indoor waterfall where you get to relax having your lunch after tiring shopping.

Hong Kong

It has most of amazing shopping areas in Asia. Here if searching for electronic items, I assure you that you will get fantastic items. They also have great boutique that offer tailor made clothing at a very reasonable prices that will ensure you carry some with you for your whole family. Apart from the cloths they have also capsule hotels where after a hard day you get to relax and rest. After resting the restaurant will serve you with their world best dishes that will leave you licking for more.

Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur will be in the position to visit one of the most beautiful shopping mall in the world. In here you get to shop for variety of things from these malls. The walkways in these place is one to always want be around. They have the ever green nature that captures you and makes you want to spend more time there. Other sight that are lovely to see are the indoor forest, rock climbing and ponds that are filled with exotic fish. In case you need to shop for clothes, they have some of fabulous designers’ label who will offer you low prices on them.


In Tokyo you will get store that have the best shopping accompanied by quality service given by willing staff that are there to serve you to their level best. Their restaurant prepares very amazing dishes and sweet macaroons that will leave you yearning for more.

In New York -Your cloth shopping will be offer you the best designers brand, the best coffee shop after a long day.

Madrid in Spain -you will get wealthy shopping choices, boutique and designer offering, fantastic jewellery and architecture.

Milan in Italy- your designer choices will be settled. Their side walk cafe will help you boost your energy before you start shopping to get fantastic material like delicate craft that will long to have them for yourself.

Thus for an enjoyable adventure do your passport renewal and keep your credit card ready for a shopping of a lifetime. You may also decide to carry some extra bags for some extra shopping.