July 16, 2024

Are you interested in “buying” your own flaming ball of gas from space? The International Astronomical Union is the only institute registered to name stars, yet you could unofficially buy a star and bestow special names. You’ll receive an authorization stating the name of the star, alongside with astrological charts stating where your star is located.

Ask Yourself How Much You’re Willing to Spend.

Star naming services don’t usually offer officially-acknowledged star names. Because you’ll not actually own the star, you need to carefully think about how much the entire idea of “buying” the star is worth to you! Since the star-naming procedure available to the public confers no authorized naming rights, you might want to forego the star-selling service. It’s easy to name a random star yourself and print out a certificate of ownership on your home computer. You’d save money and still get the thrill of possessing or giving an authorization bearing a star name of your own selection.

Decide on What You Want to Buy.

Based on the star-selling service you select, you can buy an entire star system, a binary star, or a star confirmed to have an orbiting planet in addition to naming just a single star. Each will be provided at different prices.

Think About What Kind Star You Want.

There are different forms of stars in the universe, including neutron stars, blue giants, red giants, and red dwarves. Red dwarves are the most common form of the star in the universe. A neutron star is born from supernova explosions and has fast speeds of rotation. Red giants are huge dying stars with temperatures only about half as hot as the sun. Blue giants are rare, yet drastically bright, on average 60,000 times brighter than the sun.

Consider the Person You’re Naming the Star For.

Try to match the qualities of the person you’re purchasing the star for to an appropriate star. For example, if someone’s favorite color is red, you may want to buy them a red giant or red dwarf. Alternatively, you may buy a star located in the zodiac sign corresponding to the human to the individual’s birth month.

Select Your Service.

There are growing numbers of buy a star NASA services available such as Online Star Registry, Name a Star, and International Star Registry. Each offers unique products and packages if you name your star.

The level of quality each service offers varies. Research your chosen service thoroughly before moving forward.